About Rival 9

Why are we here

Rival 9 was created in response to the lack of fashion forward sport apparel in the market. Trend setters AND culture influencers are looking for an alternative to the basic tee and hoodie with a generic team logo. Rival 9 understands the desire for fans to express themselves through what they wear. They have a sense of passion and pride for their team, their rivals, and hometown. There is a sense of community and belonging to a group. Sports bring people together and Rival 9 is the brand that evokes emotion and connects fans. It is that favorite shirt or hoodie that fans want to wear not just for game day, but everyday.


Passion for sport is Rival 9. From the streets, to grass, to hardwood; competition for the same objective or superiority is the heart of the brand. Rivalry raises the level of competition and level of respect. To be the best, beat the best to get to the ultimate goal. Through curated creation of quality products, we invite you to feel the passion of competition and represent your team with pride.